Jim Ross Blogs: Sting/Russo/Podcast, Lesnar/Cesaro, iMPACT!

Jim Ross has updated the blog at his official website, where he comes on future Ross Report guests and more.

On his next FoxSports.com project: “I’m working on a pre Summer Slam piece for FoxSports.com on John Cena specifically as it relates to why many perceive John to be so polarizing. If you have an opinion please tweet me @JRsBBQ or provide me your thoughts at ‘Ask JR’ here on the site.”

On part two of Sting on The Ross Report: “Part two of my conversation with Sting drops this Tuesday night at 9 pm eastern time on podcastone.com and iTunes. I loved catching up with the Stinger on part one even though many thought I was too involved in the conversation with an old friend. I will address that matter going forward but I can tell you that doing these interviews via the telephone are much more challenging than doing them in person which is impossible to do with me in Oklahoma and my guests coming to us from all over the country. Nonetheless I will continue to refine the process and hopefully take less trips to the woodshed from a few keyboard warriors.”

On some future Ross Report guests: “Also, this Tuesday evening I will have a visit with my mentor Cowboy Bill Watts for a future Ross Report. Can’t wait on that one as the outspoken Cowboy will hold nothing back and his views on ring psychology and his overall philosophy of pro wrestling is as viable today as it was during Bill’s peak years as a talent, booker, and territory owner.

“I’ve communicated with Dixie Carter on being a guest on our podcast in the future and potential dates are being contemplated.”

“Vince Russo and I had a civil conversation this past week for our podcast coming up with him even though we still have differing opinions of how the pro wrestling bushiness should be conducted. In my later years, I’ve come to realize that people can disagree on things that they are passionate about without coming to blows or having a cuss fight. And yes, I asked Vince about the creation of the Oklahoma character in WCW. I think that you will like this conversation a great deal when it drops in a few weeks.”

“Working on dates to have both Matt and Jeff Hardy on the Ross Report together in the next few weeks. That podcast will be a blast. It might be just me but seeing the two North Carolina brothers back in tag bouts just feels right and, essentially, new again.”

On a Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro program: “Looks like WWE is building towards a Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro match down the road of which I can’t wait to watch if it does become a reality.”

On this week’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling show: “Good job Thursday night by @OfficialTaz and @RealMikeTenay on the Impact Wrestling show. They had some solid content to work with and doing legit play by play and keeping the TV viewer’s mind focused on what the viewer is seeing works more often than not. Pro wrestling commentary is still about telling plausible stories with the proper amount of passion depending on the moment and understanding that unrelated banter helps erode the suspension of disbelief. Bobby Lashley seems to be much more comfortable working in TNA than he did in WWE or at least it appears that way. He certainly makes for an imposing World Champion.”

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