Jim Ross Blogs – Warrior/RAW Tribute, TNA, IC Title, Heels

Jim Ross has posted a new blog, discussing last night’s RAW and more. Here are the highlights…

On The IC Title Contender’s Tournament: No stinkers in the tournament and felt that Barrett vs. Ziggler was especially good. Even though the match was ‘cold’ the two men were fighting for something which anyone watching could understand and relate to. Plus, Barrett has many of the necessary villain traits necessary to be a villain in today’s TV Wrestling world that most of his peers don’t exhibit.

On Heels in Wrestling: The subtle nuances of being a main event level villain in pro wrestling are being either ignored or simply not focused on in today’s TV wrestling world. Too many antagonists would rather be ‘cool’ that to be truly disliked. It has never been harder in my lifetime to be a pro wrestling villain than it is today and that’s not a good thing. For those that think that there is essentially no line that exists between good and evil, I’d suggest that those that share that philosophy are out of touch with reality. Perceived good and evil still exists in our world but don’t take my word for it…just watch the news or read the newspaper and that goes for no matter where you live.

On The Warrior Tribute: The Ultimate Warrior Tribute was nicely done by WWE as it is still hard to believe that the controversial performer passed away just a week ago after his triumphant return to WWE at WM30 weekend.

On TNA: Seems like TNA is signing their core talents whose contracts are either up or in need of revising. WWE has seemingly made it clear that they have no interest in Impact talents and will instead reply on their Performance Center for their future stars. However, with Jeff Jarrett preparing to launch another promotion it makes sense for TNA to be proactive. Remember this, and this can’t be over thought, the key to any wrestling promotion is talent and television meaning one must have a core of meaningful talent that can ‘get over’ and relate to the audience and a strong TV presence that the masses can find and on a network where they regularly watch other programming and not just the wrestling show.

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