Jim Ross Blogs – WrestleMania 30 Tonight, HOF Speeches, More


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry online. Check out the highlights:

On WrestleMania 30: “I’m optimistic that WM30 will exceed what some perceive to have been a unique or less that aggressive top to bottom build for the event. Amazing behind the scene preparation has been ongoing and if ever one was going to maximize their minutes, no matter one’s role, is paramount at WrestleMania. I expect some unique creative, a few surprises, some twists & turns, and the return of some of WWE’s all time greats in the Super Dome.”

On the WWE Hall of Fame: “The speeches were certainly unique as they should be and my only critique, and Lord knows most fans love critiques, is that some could have gone shorter. I wish some fans who seemingly have an obsession to verbally interject themselves would re-think that mindset.”

On his one-man show: “Certainly want to thank all the fans who joined us at the House of Blues Thursday night. Having enthusiastic audiences who care about wrestling is a blessing to the folks up on the stage. MC John Pollock of the Fight Network Canada was stellar. Old friends Jim Cornette and Steve Austin joining me was a helluva surprise for the fans. I sincerely appreciate them both. They always make me look better than I am. Spent a lot of time with Steve Austin & ‘brainstorming’ some potential projects.”

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