Jim Ross Claims AEW Live Events Were Being Discussed Prior To COVID-19


Since AEW’s inception, the company has yet to put on live events outside of its weekly AEW Dynamite tapings. However, according to AEW commentator Jim Ross, the company was planning to add live events prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

JR even claimed that some live events were actually pencilled into the AEW schedule, with Jim Ross talking to the Wrestling Observer Live, admitting talents can’t get better just working one night a week.

“Absolutely and I think that’s the plan. There were some live events penciled into the schedule until the virus. You can’t get better working one night of the week. It doesn’t matter who you are. There are some minor exceptions. Chris Jericho doesn’t need to work three or four days of the week to be grateful. He can be great working on Wednesday nights. But a lot of guys need to continue to work under the supervision of the coaches in AEW to continue to learn the fundamentals, primarily slowing down, using psychology and selling. [Just] because you’ve been in the business for 10 years doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a 10-year veteran. It could mean you’ve had the same experience 10 times. Getting house shows is important for development talent and for revenue going forward, but who the hell knows when is that going to be? It won’t be any time soon apparently,” Ross said. (H/T to Fightful.com for the transcriptions.)