Jim Ross Comments on Best In-ring Storytellers, WWE Off-season, Undertaker & More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of JRsBarBQ.com. Here are a few questions answered.

Advice for Someone Who Wants to Be a WWE Superstar: “Be realistic in your goal. Have a plan B. Get great in ring training. Have an athletically marketable body. Be in marathon shape. ”

An Off-Season for WWE: “I do not think that an off season is necessary in our biz. I do think that giving talents ample off time is imperative along with strict adherence to the Wellness Policy and stellar PT for injuries.”

Dudley Boyz Old ECW Promos: “Good, old school, effective promos.”

Who Are The Best In-ring Storytellers: “Too many to mention. There have been tons of great one’s. It’s a vague, subjective question, with no right or wrong answer.”

Chris Benoit in the WWE Hall of Fame? “I do not think that Benoit will ever be inducted into the WWE HOF.”

Why Undertaker Left WCW in 1990: “WCW was underpaying him and undervaluing his worth and potential. Great ‘get’ by WWE obviously”

The Need to Sound Excited on Commentary During Boring Matches: “One has to be creative and not try to sell something that isn’t there. Overselling something is not a good thing. Every facet of a broadcast will never be ‘great.’ ”

WWE Not Properly Hyping PPV Undercards: “Those are a production or creative issue. Times change. I don’t know why that was gone away from but it is what it is.”

John Cena Not Selling The Effects Of His PPV Matches: “How John Cena is booked is not an issue to me whatsoever.”

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