Jim Ross on If CM Punk Will Be on RAW


As noted earlier, Dave Meltzer reported on the Wrestling Observer Radio that there is a good chance that CM Punk could be making his return to WWE on tomorrow night’s RAW in Chicago.

Jim Ross seems pretty confident that Punk will be at the show as well, tweeting that he would put the odds of him appearing at “55/45 he’ll be there.”

EXCLUSIVE: A Look at CM Punk’s Tattoos that Cover His Body….


  1. This year’s Wrestle
    Mania in my humble opinion will be C- at best.
    The matches so far for me are far from impressive. The matches should be the Shield VS the Wyatt’s
    in an Eliminate match or no hold bards, Brock Lesnar vs Batista or vs big show
    and mark henry in handicap match, Kane vs Bryan in a good match not a joke of a
    match on raw, Undertaker has no reason to be at Mania let him retire already undefeated
    the match vs Lesnar if lucky might be 15 minutes of boredom. Randy Orton vs CM punk had he not walked out
    and would resign to WWE or Orton vs Cesaro,
    HHH let him continue to be the new Mr. McMahon he has nothing else left to
    prove. The new age outlaws vs USOS might
    be ok but should have been saved for Mania we all know it was bound to happen
    and outlaws would not be champions for long.
    Big E vs Ryback would be a good match if he was not a punk now and
    crying heel. Del Rio vs Ziggler, Golddust
    vs Cody Rhodes would be interesting. John
    Cena vs Sheamus and let Sheamus win tired of Cena along with 99% of other
    people. Tensai vs Brodus Clay.


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