Jim Ross On Kurt Angle Returning To WWE, Orton/Wyatt Storyline, Matt & Jeff Hardy, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently published his blog over at JrsBarBq.com and spoke about a wide variety of topics, check out the highlights below:

Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt:

Interesting conclusion to SD Live Tuesday night that created a memorable visual for sure. Not sure who the protagonist and the antagonist in this creative equation was supposed to be but Bray Wyatt seemed to come off as a somewhat sympathetic character after Orton’s heinous deed of arson. Based on what I have seen thus far, I’d book Orton as the villain and Bray as the character ‘face but you likely already knew that. I simply feel that’s what the fans would prefer to see based on their reactions to both talents.

Kurt Angle in WWE

Expect WWE to carve out significant, TV opportunities fo 2017 Hall of Famer Kurt Angle including a much anticipated bout somewhere down the road. It’s too good an opportunity to not to do and WWE certainly will not want to pass on what could be a highly productive, Kurt Angle wrestling match/storyline. I could see doing one, major bout but doing 2-3 bouts seems challenging unless the bouts are spread out to allow the story to be better told. I.E. Kurt could have a 2017 Summer Slam bout and then WWE could program him to have something bigger at WM in NOLA.

Kurt Angle is too big a star, too talented plus he’s healthy and motivated to do great work at this point in this career. I’vee seen Kurt in the ring recently and he’s still got it especially if he’s not over exposed i.e. rode hard and out up wet.

Matt & Jeff Hardy Possibly in WWE

No idea what Matt and Jeff Hardy are going to do now that they are free agents but the smart money seems to be on a customized, WWE contact of some degree. I have a hard time believing that WWE isn’t aware of the success of the “Broken Hardy” creative concept and that they would be adverse to utilizing what has already been market researched and seems to be embraced by many fans especially those on social media, etc. Plus, if used strategically, the Hardy’s can help WWE invigorate their tag team scene which needs some help.