Jim Ross Q&A: Curt Axel’s IC Reign, Unifying The Titles & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section of JrsBarBq.com again this week. Here are some questions answered.

Curtis Axel’s short Intercontinental Title reign: It’s all about casting. Axel is more relevant now that he was just a few months ago. Short reign create awareness.

Should the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Title be unified as one championship: Again, I don’t know exactly what is going on but it appears that WWE wants to have one primary title going forward. I don’t spend much time on the creative plans of any pro wrestling company.

With WWE unifying the Championships, do you think they will drop the big gold belt: I have no idea what WWE creative is doing or is going to do but if I had to guess I’d say the WWE Titles stays and the World Title goes. Bottom line is that I don’t know.

Not being “big headed” for being a great, successful announcer: I’d surmise it is the way in which I was raised by my Mom and Dad. Plus, who likes being around pompous, arrogant, entitled people? I certainly don’t.

On David Shoemaker calling this current time in WWE “The Reality Era”: Not sure that ‘truth’ has any thing to do with it. He coined a phrase on how he feels about today’s biz and that’s his opinion. I could call it many things but I won’t.

Renee Young’s performance: Renee has plenty of talent and should continue to do well in WWE as I see her role expanding and then see other opportunities coming her way.

Which feud made CM Punk the most money: Really? I’m sure Punk did well on all fronts. I’d have no idea.

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  1. Curtis axels reign was more pointless then big zek. Axel is average at best. Even his dad wasn’t a top star and he had a way better gimmic

  2. Btw hurra for Rene I remember when she was on the score talking about raw and now she’s on the show.sureal she also knows a lot more about what’s good wrestling.


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