Jim Ross Q&A: Favorite Gimmicks, Attending Raw Next Week, One Man Show & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section on JrsBarbq.com once again this week. Here are a few questions that he answered.

In your time in Talent Relations, did you ever find that the predetermined nature of pro wrestling caused problems booking talents? It’s like being cast in a movie. It’s a role. Simple as that . If one is an actor they can take the role or pass. Don’t over think it. It is show biz and simply a means to earn a pay day.

Favorite gimmicks from over the years: No favorites but the best characters take ownership of the persona and the TV persona becomes somewhat a natural extension of the individual.

Any advise for Miley Cyrus: Don’t self destruct. Surround yourself w/ good people. Invest well.

How well do you think CM Punk has been used in 2013 by the WWE? Punk being used to groom others which is what top guys do. He does it better than most. Top hand. I never worry about Punk.

Will you be at RAW next Monday in OKC? No plans on attending. Likely will watch on TV as usual.

Do you see your one man show spreading across the USA next year after NYC? TBD…schedule being addressed now. Thx

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