Jim Ross Q&A: Favorite McMahon Match, Undertaker’s Trainer & More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section of JrsBarBq.com. Here are some questions he answered.

I did some Googling and found out that Taker was trained by Don Jardine. Are you familiar with him? Don Jardine wrestled as the Spoiler. He worked under a mask the majority of his career & was terrific.

How come Howard Finkel never does announcing for WWE anymore? Is that his decision or WWE’s? WWE’s call as Fink is a valuable member of WWE.com’s editorial staff where he does a great deal of writing.

J.R., would Chyna never bury the hatchet with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and rather return to Dixie Carter-Salinas and TNA Wrestling instead of WWE? I am unaware that Chyna even wants to return to the wrestling biz. I’d suggest not.

What was Jim Neidhart like to work with? Never had any issues with the Anvil. He was his own worst enemy at times.

Do you have a favorite Vince Mcmahon match? McMahon overachieved on many occasions especially with Austin and HBK. Good stuff.

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