Jim Ross Q&A: Triple Threat at WM30, Dropping Pipebombs, Taker/HBK & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section on JrsBarBq.com once again this week. Here are some questions answered.

Can anyone drop a Pipebomb? Anyone? In real life? Sure. On a fictional TV wrestling show, of course not.

Since a triple threat World Title match happened at WM20 and WM25 only fitting to go in this direction at WM30. Your thoughts? Not a major fan of triple threat main events at WrestleMania. Just my opinion.

Would u consider the WM25 streak bout the greatest match that both Taker and HBK have ever had? How does one quantify ‘best ever?’ I can’t. However, that match was spectacular.

Is there anything that you feel could be done to make the NWA a viable wrestling brand again? LOTS of cash….national TV outlet…new stars. So…not too likely.

Is the WWE Hall of Fame like most others were there are a group of people who have votes and determine who is inducted, or is it a creative decision by WWE brass and writers who they want to honor year by year? If it is an actual voting system, who are the people who get a vote? Used to be an informal committee making suggestions.

With the WWE pursuing a TV deal how weird would it be to see RAW on TNT? Any thing can happen when rights fees are being negotiated for proven TV content.

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