Jim Ross Q&A: Undertaker’s Character, Goldust’s Comeback & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section of JrsbarBq.com. Here are some questions he answered.

How surprised have you been with Goldust’s comeback this year? Very proud of Dustin as it shows everyone what one can do with their life is they are not dependent on drugs or alcohol and then dedicate their life on doing the right things. Simple plan that works.

Will Hall of Fames be available on the WWE Network and which PPV do you think you will go back and watch? I’m very much out of the loop regarding the plans for the Network. I might go back and watch highlights of WM17.

How would you describe The Undertaker’s character? He’s not exactly face nor heel. He is without question a hugely popular, character ‘face.

Why did you close your restaurant? Like many failed businesses, we weren’t making the profits that we needed to keep it open Good food…bad business model.

What are your thoughts on Kaitlyn’s departure and her future? I do not know the circumstances that lead to her leaving but she obviously made the decision she felt was right for her. I wish her well. Nice, young lady.

Do you think that Kurt Angle could make a surprise entrance at Royal Rumble 2014? Highly unlikely as he’s under contract to TNA. I’d think Batista was the early betting favorite.

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