Jim Ross Q&A: Vince Retiring, Female Commentator, WWE’s TV Licensing Deal


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section of JrsBarBq.com. Here are some questions he answered.

Before the PPV matches, were you aware of the results or the eventual face/heel turns that took place? We were privy to it if we wanted the info but I always preferred to know less and to be more spontaneous.

When do u think vince Mchmahon will retire and who should take over I personally think Shane OMac Vince will never retire and I see HHH taking over upon VKM’s passing.

Hey JR, I heard that WWE might / want to sign a TV licensing deal with NBC universal. NASCAR signed a 10 year 4.5 billion dollar contract with NBC (450 millions / year). WWE airs more programs per year and they get better ratings so if they’ll sign, they’ll certainly get more than their yearly 140 millions. Now IF WWE signs that contract, do you think we could see box office powerhouses like The Rock and Lesnar on full time basis (not necessarily every live event but every raw. do you think wwe could pay the yearly 40 millions Hollywood pay the rock) ?? I don’t know any details on the WWE TV rights feel particulars except to know that they are currently being grossly underpaid. I expect their rights fees to increase significantly. Nonetheless, I do not see Rock ever coming back full time or Lesnar for that matter even though Brock might be convinced to work a few more TV dates. It’s not about the money to them but they enjoy their non WWE lives.

Do you think Zeb Colter would make a good commentator? and Is there a chance that will ever see a female commentator in the WWE? Yes…and Yes.

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  1. Probably..NASCAR’s rating have been hurting for years. With the exception of night races, most of the races NBC will carry starting in 2015 will be on the NBC Sports Channel not the local NBC channels. That should speak volumes about the ratings. Still though…NASCAR preseason thunder kicks off this Thursday! Just hope it’s not on Fox Sports 2….not in HD on Dish.

    • Part of that is Nascar’s fault. The chase races weren’t even on regular TV last year, and should have been.

  2. It better have better ratings than nascar. Watching nascar is like watching paint dry with an occasional wreck

    • A few of the races are like that, for sure. Michigan comes to mind. Most races are pretty entertaining.


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