Jim Ross Responds to “Drunken” 2K Panel Reports

As noted earlier, Jim Ross and Ric Flair appeared to be in “rare form” at Sunday’s 2K Panel in Los Angeles, however that does’t seem to be the case according to Ross.

Ross was asked on Twitter about reports of him and Flair being intoxicated at the event, “@dono6971: @JRsBBQ Some on-line sites are posting that you and Ric Flair were drunk.” The WWE Hall of Famer replied, “Complete lie. I was not drunk. Ridiculous”

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  • Mel Weber

    What if he WAS drunk? I wouldn’t be mad at him. J.R. drunk would be awesome. I’d love to hear the stories he’d tell!

  • Ralph Ramos

    Ric Flair? The 56 time World Champion, drunk? Noooooooo!!!! Come on!!!!!!!

  • Ralph Ramos

    That’s fine with me. I was merely pointing out a known fact, his love for alcohol. And I didn’t say anything about JR.

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Do you really think JR’s BBQ sauce is really BBQ sauce?…………… Why do you think he has 2 bottles with him every Monday, and there are no ribs within 1 mile……………………………. I think I made this joke not funny by saying to much