Jim Ross speaks on the death of Chavo Sr.

On his recent podcast  former WWE announcer Jim Ross  had the following to say on Chavo Sr.

“Saddened to hear a few days ago about the passing of Chavo Guerrero Sr. Chavo passed away from Liver Cancer from what I was told, which was diagnosed only 30 days ago which is so tragic at only 68 years of age. Chavo was way ahead of his time; he was bi-lingual, college educated, great amateur wrestler, and the very first guy I ever saw do a moonsault. Man, he can nail it. It wasn’t a high spot, it was a finish, just like a DDT. With Chavo passing, our condolences to his family, friends, and of course his son Chavo Jr, his family during this trying time. Chavo was really good. He was 5’9 and was in the main event once against Ernie Ladd who was 6’9, they had a big main event in Los Angeles where Chavo Sr went over. The old timers were telling me that it was one heck of a match; a 6’9 guy and a 5’9 guy with everybody believing every moment because of how the two men worked”