Jim Ross Talks Undisputed Era, Praises The Current NXT Roster, Talks Issue With Lesnar vs Reigns at SummerSlam


On the recent episode of The Ross Report, Jim Ross spoke about the current NXT roster and his issues with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Below are some highlights from the interview with a H/T to Rajah.com for the transcriptions.

His issue with Lesnar vs Reigns:

“Reigns and Lesnar I guess will go on last at SummerSlam. I assume that. I don’t know that. But if it is the last match of a long night, is that position you want to have your Universal title displayed under? I’m not sure. I’m not sure at all and I wonder what kind of reaction these two gentlemen are going to receive from the live audience. And if it is overtly negative, is that the image or the sound that you go off the air with? Just my question.”

The current NXT roster:

“It’s hard to name one guy who stands out head and shoulders above everybody else because I believe it’s that competitive, and I think, as fans, for us, that’s a good thing. The NXT guys have done a tremendous job in recruiting [and]scouting talents. So there’s a lot of parity, so at some point, natural athleticism, acquiring their skillsets, improving their skillsets, will set in and then talents will start distancing themselves. But, right now, a lot of those guys are nose-to-nose. But Strong and Cole, you can’t go wrong with either of those two picks. And it’s time for them. It’s time for them to tell a great story, and come in, and blow the audience away, and they can do that.”

On Undisputed Era and Aleister Black:

“I love Roderick Strong. I love Adam Cole. Kyle O’Reilly’s really good. Gosh, I mean there’s a ton of talents and I’m going to leave out a bunch of guys. I like Aleister Black. I mean, their cupboards aren’t bare by any stretch.”