Jimmy Fallon Has a WrestleMania Idea for John Cena, Ricochet’s First WWE NXT Feud Possibly Revealed


With John Cena still having no plans for WrestleMania 34 as of this writing, WWE.com has published the following after Cena made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last night:

John Cena might be the busiest man alive. The Cenation Leader will challenge for the WWE Championship in a Six-Pack Challengeon Sunday, host the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on March 24, premiere his newest movie “Blockers” on April 6, and participate in WrestleMania on April 8. That’s all while also preparing for a wedding.

The 16-time World Champion stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday to talk about his ever-growing schedule, some suggestions for WrestleMania and the perfect, go-to Madonna dance move to break out at his wedding to Nikki Bella.

Ricochet’s First WWE NXT Feud Possibly Revealed

As we noted last night, WWE NXT newcomers EC3 and Ricochet will make their TV debuts at NXT Takeover New Orleans, and it looks like Ricochet is headed towards a feud with Velveteen Dream. WWE.com has published the following regarding a possible matchup between Dream and Ricochet:

It’s hard to tell which is bigger: The spotlight over Ricochet’s head, or the target on his back. The acclaimed NXT newcomer hasn’t even debuted on WWE Network yet, but he’s already the subject of massive praise, precipitously high expectations and, now, a seemingly menacing tweet from Velveteen Dream.

Dream tagged @KingRicochet earlier this week when he tweeted a GIF of “The Lion King’s” most traumatizing scene. You know the one, where Scar — driven by the desire to become king — betrays his brother Mufasa and lets him plummet to his death. The GIF included a caption of Scar’s infamous line, “Long live the king.”

While it’s possible Dream was innocently sharing a snippet of Disney’s animated classic with his fellow NXT Superstar, it seems more plausible that the tweet was a not-so-subtle jab at the man nicknamed “King.” Ricochet replied with a “Lion King” GIF of his own on Tuesday.

The curious tagging of Ricochet comes on the heels of several recent inflammatory posts by Dream. The outspoken Superstar called out NXT’s “indy guys” in a now-deleted tweet two weeks ago, then followed up with a notepad missive that simultaneously took up the cause of “Entertainer Empowerment” and underscored Dream’s hatred of all things independent wrestling.

It’s unclear whether Dream had Ricochet, a veritable legend of the independent wrestling scene, in mind all this time. However, following Dream’s latest tweet, it’s safe to say that Ricochet has his attention now.

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