Jimmy Hart Comments on Hulk Hogan’s Future


Jimmy Hart recently spoke with PWTorch on whether or not we’ll see Hulk Hogan wrestling again in the future.

“I think you will. I just talked with Hulk a few days ago before he went up with the Dallas Cowboys and did some stuff with them. And his hips are doing great now, he finally got the last operation two months ago, he got that little gidget out of his back that was used if he had pain in his back. But, I think the doctors have got him where he might be able to get in that ring two or three more times.”

Hart also revealed what other role he would like to see Hogan embrace.

“I’d really like to see him really as an ambassador and go all over the world promoting wrestling. I think that’s what he really needs to do and climb back in the ring a little bit with the right person. Whatever Hulk wants to do, I’m always backing him on it.”

Under Boob Photo of Miss Tessmacher… WOW


    • You know I said that a few years ago…crazy that THEY never faced each other at a Mania…That year when Hogan came back and won the title was the perfect time for them to face each other at ‘Mania, they had a lil renewed rivalry going..but Idk if it was time for Taker to lose then..

      • More than likely neither would have wanted to do be jobbed to the other, and more than likely the same remains true to this day.

  1. I wonder how many guys looked at the Tessslut under boob photo… The thing now is going to be “dude I didn’t get laid but I did get some under boob”……………… Anyway WWE would never do Hogan vs Taker again, their match at Judgement Day was terrible. But I can’t talk for Vince, I’m not Linda

  2. I love Jimmy Hart but I expected him to say something about Hogan’s position in TNA. I’m going to say this for all listening; Hogan, Jerry, Ric, and Roddy, I love you guys and appreciate your in ring work but let it go now please.


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