Jimmy Jacobs Explains Matt Sydal’s Recent Character Change, Fire Pro Wrestling World To Feature New Japan Roster


During a recent interview with The Vulture Hound, Jimmy Jacobs explained why Matt Sydal is currently undergoing character changes with IMPACT Wrestling.

Matt Sydal has been one thing his whole career, it’s been great, being a sort of babyface that can have great matches, who doesn’t talk much, being a good wrestler and doing high-flying stuff. That’s been him his whole career and, a few months back, we took a chance on him when we said: ‘hey I think there’s something more. We capitalized on what he’s in real life, with him being kind of spiritual and holistic and those sort of things. We thought why not adding that in his character and try something else. There were people even internally who thought that was a bad idea. People want to cheer Matt because he does impressive moves, they’re going to be confused by this new character of his.

“But over the past month, seeing Matt develop and seeing him during the last tapings session in early June, the promo he cuts that’s going to air in a few weeks and the backstage promos on Brian Cage, it was the best thing I shot from all we got, from anybody. Matt has never been a good talker, he’s never been great with promos, and this guy cuts the best promo I saw that week. To see that transformation, to see that happen, to see somebody who didn’t even know they had it in themselves and to see that come out because you believe in them, because the group of people here saw something else in him and to see that come to fruition, that’s awesome. That’s great, I love it.”

Fire Pro Wrestling World To Feature New Japan Pro Wrestling Roster

The Fire Pro Wrestling World video game will be put on the PS4 platform this year and has received a major boost in the fact that the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster will be featured, as the company continues to show its growth, now entering the video game market.