Jinder Mahal Addresses Steroid Use Speculation

Jinder Mahal looks super jacked, especially in recent weeks. That has led to speculation from fans about what he may be on to achieve that look. In a recent Instagram post, Mahal posted a response to the speculation from fans about his body. Mahal noted that he’s been tested multiple times since returning to WWE and he has never failed a wellness test.

He did not mention HGH or other PED’s that are not part of the wellness testing. Obviously, the only person that knows if he is on PED’s is Mahal but his transformation in recent months will not stop fans from asking questions.

You can see his Instagram post below.

Here’s a photo of Jinder from August 2016

  • MP

    If he’s not on steroids, then he is on HGH or IGF-1, which are undetectable on a PED test. No way did he make those gains naturally, considering he was just a tall guy with not much muscle tone before.