Jinder Mahal’s Push … FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!

If you watched Smackdown Live last night you’re now aware that Jinder Mahal is the new #1 Contender for the WWE Smackdown World Championship.  Yes, you read that right.  The guy from 3MB is the #1 Contender.

Personally, I love this.  This is what I want to see more of in the WWE.  The talent roster, in my view, has suffered with the over-saturation of content across the WWE Network, RAW, SD Live and the increased amount of PPVs.  They’ve suffered because builds have been incomplete and lackluster due to too many superstars being required to eat losses in order to produce the television product.  This “waters down” the talent. Back in the day, you wouldn’t see Hulk Hogan until the PPV, but nowadays, you see your Superstars every single week. The WWE, in particular Monday Night Raw, has essentially become Ground Hog’s day.  I believe that Jinder Mahal is one of the exceptions to this rule.  He’s been so low on the card for so long, that any rub he receives will be surpass anything he’s done in the WWE to to date.  It’s intriguing and above all, it’s FRESH!

Now listen, I’m well aware that the WWE is planning on heading to India.  While I understand this may play a role in this decision to push Mahal, I do NOT want to take away from the work this guy has put in.  I do not believe this is the sole reason for this push.  Does it make sense to push a man with his heritage?  Sure, but the WWE wouldn’t push any guy, especially when they’re trying to expand into a market.  The need, the “right” guy.

Let’s “Curt Hawkins” the situation if you will and FACE THE FACTS…

Jinder Mahal looks phenomenal.  You can insert your uninformed steroid joke here, but at the end of the day, he looks how he looks and how he got there should not matter to anyone.  Also, if you’ve checked out his Instagram, you know he’s putting in that work.  The guy is eating SALMON … for BREAKFAST … at 6:14AM

 “Breakfast of Champions” … get it?

So put down your cheese danish, lucky charms and stop judging, ya jabroni. The bottom line is, he looks the part.  He looks like he could be Champion.

He cut a fantastic promo.  He already had the heat of a Superstar that is simply not admired by the WWE Universe, and this promo for damn sure put him over the top.  He spoke with conviction.  He had a point he wanted to get across and you can bet your last dollar it was received.  Most importantly, his words were relevant in a world where everyone is at each other’s throats over diversity, conflicting views and insufferable politics.  Mission accomplished.

Lastly – he CHEATED to win.  Enter the Bollywood Boyz.  There is nothing that gets the WWE’s fanbase’s blood boiling more than a heel faction.  Hopefully they keep this up and Jinder continues to rack up the W’s.

I’d also like to point out that Jinder’s push into the #1 Contendership actually helps the roster.  Losses are given out too easily due to the 50/50 booking that the WWE has found themselves in over the last few years.  Jinder is a character that doesn’t need to win right now (he can take a loss).  He can have a program that last two months and use that momentum elsewhere and into the next feud, whereas the alternatives (Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler for example) have already been down this road of predictability.  They’ve already had stories told in the ring.  They’ve been so damaged by taking so many losses, that despite having the ability to be “top guys”, they run the risk of becoming redundant.  In Ziggler’s case, it’s basically his gimmick at the moment.  These guys need a breather from the “L” column.

So yea, I’m buying Jinder’s push.  He’s playing an ACTUAL bad guy on WWE Programming.  He’s not a tweener.  Did you listen to crowd’s reaction after he got the win?  There wasn’t a 50/50 response.  The response was legit heat.   The boos were not the “YOU DESERVE IT” kind, something you’d typically hear for a guy who has been scratching and clawing his way to a push … and that’s the best part.  Why you say?  Because Mahal is the guy who ate crap, was given a horrible gimmick in 3MB, got released, hit the indies, developed his body to look like a star, all to comeback to the WWE.  We SHOULD love this guy, but we don’t.  There is something about him; his delivery, his character’s motives etc, that the fans don’t like.  This is a good thing, hell, it’s a great thing and I’m excited to see where Jinder and the Bollywood Boyz take it.


Agree?  Disagree?  It’s all good.  Leave me a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @nickthevacation


  • Anonymous

    I agree. Jinder has had to work hard for his push both physically (he in awesome shape) and mentally (this guy has taken so many losses yet his shot at the title feel fresh and relevant). He is a 100% bonafide heel who generates heat. He’s not interested in being the cool bad guy who pops the crowd (there is over saturation of these type of heels in the WWE and wrestling in general at the moment).
    You can criticize his wrestling technique and compare to a flashy heel with a greater move set. The truth is no one in WWE at this moment (other than Roman!) on WWE will garner a greater heel reaction than Jinder.

  • Anonymous

    Well because Raw had great matches hey win his week but Smack Down still has a better production and given Jinder a title shot is a great bridge till U S champion face the world champion at summers lam. Note to impact that’s how u do storylines.

  • MP

    Sure he has put in the work with his training and diet, props to him for that, but to say he isn’t on some kind of anabolic aid is naive. Yes, you can build a great physique that is lean and muscular naturally. However, one can’t get the vascular/grainy look that Jinder has naturally and in such a short time, especially after wrestling for years with an average physique.
    Source: Someone who has competed in NPC level bodybuilding shows and has experience with cycling oral anabolics.
    As for his push: I’m all for it! He definitely has massive heat behind him, and it’s great to see fresh faces in the title picture. I was pulling for Harper in the six pack challenge, but having a true heel as number one contender is refreshing.

    • Nick The Vacation

      Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your insight. Let’s hope he’s clean. I’m pretty excited about where they could go with this. Adding depth to the SD roster by building stars is definitely the way to go vs. just rinse and repeat. I love the variety, so for now, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and just enjoy the ride. Fingers crossed.