Joe Hendry Discusses How His Current ROH Deal Came About, Talks Wanting To Work For NJPW


Popular UK wrestler, Joe Hendry recently spoke with about how he ended up joining Ring Of Honor and what his plans are.

Hendry spoke about how his deal with ROH came about, and how he had to work for that:

“In 2016 I flew myself over to Baltimore and attended ROH tryout camp. I worked as hard as I possibly could and got myself an opportunity on the UK Tour that year. On that tour I saw the TV Title won twice by British wrestlers – Marty Scurll and Will Ospreay. Now on the tour, I have the exact same opportunity to do that because I’m facing Shane Taylor in London for the TV Title and I have every intention of making history repeat itself,” Hendry said before adding that his tryout was just the first step and he’s been working and grinding ever since.”

“The fact is, I’ve had multiple organizations made offers to me but I chose to go to ROH. I wanted to go to ROH and it’s something I’ve had my sights on since 2016. I’ve done two tours for them since then and it’s finally happened. ROH is somewhere that is not only going to push me athletically, but it’s gonna allow me to be who I need to be. When it comes to creative stuff with the entrances, they are letting me be me. All I have to do is show up for the video file. They trust me to do that and that is a very valuable thing to have in wrestling today. So I knew ROH was going to be the perfect home for me.”

Hendry admitted that while he still enjoys having fun, he is planning on being much more serious now:

“Well, a genius must have edited that. I don’t know who that was, but he must have been a genius,” Hendry said while referencing himself. “Basically, The Prestigious One has come to ROH with a goal in mind. You’ve seen me before with the entrances and having a lot of fun, and we’re still doing that, but things are a little more serious now. I’m looking to really fuse the two sides of my personality which is the fun entrances and the intensity of an amateur wrestler.”

Hendry also went on to discuss how he would like to wrestle for New Japan

“I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to wrestle all over the UK, Germany, Romania, Canada, Australia, South Africa, The States. But the one that has alluded me is Japan,” said Hendry. “I’m watching a lot of the old-school Japanese wrestling so I would love to get over to Japan. That would be a real dream for me.”