Joey Ryan Deletes Social Media, Shuts Down Bar Wrestling Amid Numerous Sexual Misconduct Claims


Professional wrestler Joey Ryan has deleted his social media accounts, and reportedly closed down his Los Angeles-based independent promotion, Bar Wrestling, after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct came out about him this weekend.

A UK ring announcer by the name of Charlie first spoke out on June 18, claiming that Joey propositioned them for sex multiple times while a group of wrestlers and crew were out drinking following a show.

“He offered me sex multiple times, and when I told him I had a partner, that was ignored, despite my partner being only a few feet away. When I asked [Joey] if his wife would mind, indicating his wedding ring, this was also ignored – apparently they have an ‘arrangement’. He refused to take ‘No’ for an answer.”

Texas independent wrestler Rok-C then came forward claiming that Ryan openly flirted with her knowing she was 17-years-old at the time. She told another story where, after she had turned 18, a promoter instructed her to give Joey a ride back to his hotel after a show, knowing it made her uncomfortable, and he allegedly propositioned her for sex as well.

Vanessa Kraven, who competed in the 2018 WWE Mae Young Classic tournament, also released a lengthy series of statements on Twitter accusing Ryan of propositioning her for sex numerous times across numerous independent shows, as well as allegedly groping her and showing her unrequested nude photographs, on different occasions.

Two anonymous reports with allegations against Joey Ryan have also come out through sources who have been at the forefront of this past week’s #SpeakOut movement.

IMPACT Wrestling has yet to issue an official statement on Ryan’s status with the promotion. He had developed a new character in recent months called Joseph P. Ryan, dropping the “famous dick wrestler” gimmick in favor of an over-the-top “politically correct” faction called #CancelCulture.