Joey Styles Comments on Daniel Bryan’s Rise to Success & More


Joey Styles spoke with VOC Wrestling Nation about Dolph Ziggler being underutilized.

“My very good friend Dolph Ziggler isn’t being used to the best of his potential. You want to be very careful who you hand the ball to, but I think Dolph is someone that you can absolutely hand the ball to because his work is very exciting. He is unbelievably crisp and great on the mic; he is a big fan of standup comedy and he can ad lib as well (if he is given permission to do it). He’s also never going to embarrass the company, he’s never going to get in trouble with the law, he’s a model guy.”

Styles also commented on Daniel Bryan’s rise to success.

“The storyline got him over the top to be someone that you would by a ticket for. I was such a fan of his before he even came to WWE. The whole idea of making him lose in 18 seconds to Sheamus did more for him than winning by cheating. That was good for Daniel Bryan (it led to the YES chant the next night on Raw). The fact that the entire company (on the storyline) is ganging up against him, (is a result of the fact that) you wouldn’t do that for someone that you weren’t ready to hand the ball to.”

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  1. Zigglers OK on the mic like your commentary skill joey Mr. Omggggg. He made that cool before 13 year old girls lol

  2. Wtf is Joey talking about Bryan just chanting yes to piss of the fans and he did it months before he lost the title and everyone was chanting yes at mania, don’t think that squash mattered if it did help it just piss people off


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