John Cena Comments on The Rock and WrestleMania 29; Big E and Others React to Elimination Chamber


– Here are some reactions from tonight’s WWE Eliminiation Chamber pay-per-view:

Antonio Cesaro after defeating The Miz:
“Even with Miz stooping to new lows and resorting to cheap shots, I am still YOUR #USChampion #WWEChamber”

Big E Langston after destroying Kofi Kingston:
“Tonight, the posse turns a new leaf: Get WHC Or Die Trying. For the Love of WHC. WHC’ll Make Ya Jump, Jump.”

Jim Ross on the main event:
“@TheRock beats @CMPunk & it wasn’t pretty but it was a #wrestlemania trip winning victory. Controversy? Yep. #RAW Monday! #WWEChamber”

John Cena on The Rock’s win and WrestleMania 29:
“Congrats @TheRock …… I’ll see you at #thedance @WWE get ready for #WM29 4/7/13”

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  1. When Jr says …wasn’t pretty he means it sucked. Rock sucks at wrestling. He wasn’t that greatest 10years agoeither .I always though he was the king of hype…

  2. That had to be the stiffest match of all time other then a Kane & Khali match, The Rock is all show, where Punk can wrestle…trust me I am not a CM Punk fan at all but that match last night was garbage


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