John Cena Explains Why He Made Nikki Bella Comments On ‘Today’, Talks Difficulty Living in the Public Eye (Videos)


As noted, John Cena made headlines when he appeared on the “Today” show on Monday morning and opened up about his breakup with Nikki Bella.

During the appearance, Cena admitted he still wants to marry Nikki Bella and have children with her, and that prompted a response from a “speechless” Bella at the NBC Upfronts. You can read more about that at this link.

Cena returned to The “Today” Show this morning, and you can watch clips from his appearance above and below. During the show, Cena thanked the hosts for allowing him to appear yesterday and speak honestly about his relationship with Nikki. Cena added he thinks people do not know how hard it is to live in the public eye, and he offered his words on the show Monday morning for Nikki Bella to hear.

Cena went on to say he does not care about being “viral” with his comments, and he does not care about everything that comes out publicly following his comments, because his words were for an audience of one – and that is Nicole.

Cena finished by saying that he learned a lot from his appearance on the show Monday, and at the end of the day he just wants Nikki to hear him.

“Today” has also released the following video featuring the hosts and Cena discussing the upcoming Royal Wedding:

From London, NBC’s Keir Simmons fills Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and John Cena on the latest royal wedding drama: Meghan Markle’s father may not attend. “It’s every bride’s worst nightmare,” Keir says. “I can hop on a plane,” John says helpfully.

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