John Cena Grants Another Wish + The Miz/’Deal With It’ Recap

— Following a photo of 20-year-old Brittany Depew of Kentucky going viral, John Cena granted another wish as he sent Depew a video message. In the message, Cena congratulated her for graduating high school and sang her happy birthday. Depew has Leukemia, which is beyond the curable stage. Cena posted the following on the power of social media, and the below video is the local news coverage:

Thanks to John Glenn for this report of The Miz on “Deal With It”:

While waiting for to watch the Conan talk show, I happened to catch The Miz on Deal With It. The premise is to pull someone aside and make them to crazy stuff for money. He had two guys and went immediately into having the one guy hit on his friend. Miz told the guy to talk about “Sex and the City” and asked who is his favorite girl was. Miz made the guy give his friend a gift and had the guy put it on for him. The man’s friend was obviously weirded out by it.

Miz then wanted the guy to kiss his friends hands. The guy clearly didn’t want to do it, but he eventually caved and did it. Miz then wanted the guy to take off his shoes and get his friend to massage his feet. His friend refused to do it and the guy yelled I can’t deal with it. He walked out with only $1,500. Miz was his usual annoying self. Not funny in the least bit. His segment only lasted about five minutes. There was a long commercial break in between. Tom Green was on for most of the half hour. It’s pretty sad that Tom Green who hasn’t been relevant in a decade got more time and was funnier then The Miz.

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