John Cena Has Stitches Removed, Nikki Bellas’ Injury Footage

– Embedded in the video below Nikki Bella discusses getting injured during a match pitting the Bellas and AJ Lee against The Funkadactlys and Kaitlyn. The injury occurs at the 0:40 mark after Kaitlyn threw Brie into Nikki, who was on the ring apron, causing Nikki to crash to the floor. Nikki has been out of action ever since the injury.

– John Cena noted on Twitter that he got his stitches out and said that it’s “go time”:

“It’s officially mutha fudging #gotime #evenstronger @ESPN @SportsCenter @WWEUniverse @eonline @TMZ @WWE”

John Cena s Stitches Removed

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