John Cena Not 100% for WrestleMania 29, Comments on Taker’s WM30 Status


– John Cena mentioned during an interview with that he went into WrestleMania after a case of bad food poisoning that he received last week, as well as a broken thumb.

– John Cena also noted during an appearance on The Crossover that his favorite WrestleMania match other that his own was The Undertaker vs. CM Punk. “I thought it was great,” he said. “I just didn’t want it to end.”

When asked if that could have been The Undertaker’s final match, Cena said, “I think he is going to show up for Wrestlemania next year.”

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  1. cm punk vs taker was awesome, big time considering taker is real hurt and punk worked 50 percent of that match really hurt. but i think thats a great end to the streak, honestly taker is just to beat up, hes been off the shelf for a year and came back like hes been wrestling in japan all year lol

      • really….. your gonna talk about someone’s grammar and not talk about the topic. damn man get a freaking life.

        • he does that on every post..its pathetic and really i didnt even make that many mistakes on that post..atleast not enough to not be able to read it. ive read this guys stuff all over all he puts is comments on peeps grammer. he must be a teacher with to much time on his hands or…just a real douche

      • wtf are you talking about stfu….all you do is go around this site ripping on people’s grammer ive read your posts…. get a f***ing life you retard no one gives a s***. i can honestly read that fine and if you cant it….learn how to read of keep it to yourself….damn

  2. The match was not very good. Taker is to old, he has to take a full year off to wrestle just one match. He is a HOF, he either needs to retire now with the streak in tact or come back for one more year and lose!

    • its more all the damaged hes taken, age isnt everything its what you do with that time.and taker destroyed himself


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