John Cena Reacts To Break Up With Nikki Bella On Instagram


Following the shock announcement that John Cena and Nikki Bella are calling off their engagement and splitting up, John Cena has commented on the news via his cryptic Instagram account.

The wrestling power couple announced their split in a shared announcement via USA Weekly, and Nikki Bella herself released a statement via her Twitter account.

However, now Cena himself has posted in relation to the news via his Instagram account, with a picture of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons which simply states “Worst day ever.”

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Of course, Cena’s Instagram account is a cryptic one in which he never fully explains what his posts mean, never putting a caption and leaving it to the fans to determine for themselves what the picture represents. Whilst some can offer different meanings, with the timing of this post, it is quite clear what he is referring to.

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