John Cena Reportedly ‘A Mess’ Over Nikki Bella Split, Kurt Angle On Potential Lashley vs Lesnar Match


According to US Weekly, John Cena is reportedly a ‘mess’ over his recent split with former fiance, Nikki Bella, which was revealed yesterday.

The report has quotes from an “insider,” which gives details about how both Cena and Bella are coping following the split, which you can see below:

“She’s in a place where she’s just exhausted by some of the things going on in the relationship. John is the love of her life [and]she adores him. They still speak. It’s just very hard. But right now, she has to focus on herself, The source noted that “John is a mess” about the breakup, and while Bella isn’t happy, “she is not devastated.”

Kurt Angle On A Potential Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar Match

The WWE Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle recently spoke with USA Today’s “For The Win” blog about the return of Bobby Lashley to WWE and the potential for a Lashley match against fellow Raw star, Brock Lesnar.

“That surprised me (Lashley’s return). I literally didn’t even know about him discussing anything with the company. Bobby was a guy that was overlooked years back. He came into his own at Impact Wrestling. He proved that he’s an incredible sports entertainer, but Bobby was also, you know… he always wanted to be a pro wrestler. He wanted to be a sports entertainer. He didn’t necessarily want to be a fighter, but he had to fight to make some great money. So he did what he had to do to provide for his family by being in Bellator. Not that he didn’t enjoy it, but he had more of a love for sports entertainment than he did MMA. I’m glad he’s on Raw. I wrestled him many times – I beat him for the world title, he beat me. We had some great matches, and I know he’s capable of doing it. I think one of the matches I’d really be intrigued to see is him versus Brock.”

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