John Cena Reveals What He Told Roman Reigns After His WWE Raw Announcement


John Cena was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet to promote his upcoming Bumblebee movie and within the interview, he revealed what he said to Roman Reigns following his Leukaemia announcement.

Cena wasn’t in attendance during Reigns’ emotional speech and Chris wondered whether Cena had reached out to his fellow WWE Superstar with Cena revealing what he said to him.

“I did, I text him the day of the announcement just letting him know he is in really good hands he is part of a really exclusive fraternity. We all love him for what he has done, we all respect the fact he is taking care of his health which is first and foremost and I told him that if he ever needs anything he knows where to find me.

“I know Joe, I know Joe is a tough SOB and I don’t ever expect him to ever say “hey man, I need this,” I don’t expect to ever get that text, but if I do, I think there is a mutual understanding that it is as good as done.”

If the above quotes are used pleased H/T and check out the full interview where Cena discusses his upcoming WWE return and regretting what he said about The Rock below:

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