John Cena Says Hulk Hogan’s Pole-Thong Commercial Was Too Much

John Cena spoke to Showbiz Tonight about returning from his injury sooner then expected.

“October 27th [Hell In A Cell], I know I’m ready, I’ve had a wonderful surgeon, I’ve had a wonderful physical therapy crew. I’ve been really diligent and really on track to get back early. I feel great, the doctors are happy with everything… I’m really, really excited, I thought I was going to be off until past Christmas but now I can get back in the WWE Universe and do what I love.”

Cena was asked if he was returning too soon.

“It’s not just my opinion here, it’s the opinion of the WWE medical staff, my surgeon, my physical therapist. I had to clear it with all those people. I’m cleared, I’m ready to go, and on October 27th I’ll be as ready and as strong as I’ve ever been.”

Cena also commented on Hulk Hogan riding a pole in a thong in a commercial for Hostamania.

“So the commercial starts, and I’m seeing Hulk Hogan on the wrecking ball and he’s using his legendary and iconic do-rag, sunglasses, fu manchu, boa. He kicks the guy in the face, I’m like, ‘you know what, that’s a good…’ No, no, and then it all goes wrong. That’s a little too much, they should have stopped at the boot to the face, brother.”

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  • Edward Ritlop

    How about Cena shut ur mouth ur brainless mouth forever & let real talent like Kofi, Bryan, Barrett, even Ceasaro, & so many more get the pushes they deserve that ur tired non-rating or ppv ass can’t do anymore brother??

    • allan

      You put barest over cesero n Kofi, do a little history.

  • allan

    Cena think poop is to harsh

  • Edward Ritlop

    I wasn’t putting Barrett over Cesaro I was just listing names in no particular order. And you could argue that there deserves a push more over Cislo

  • Edward Ritlop

    And I think Barrett deserves a push as much as if not more than Cesaro since he’s been there longer. So look at ur own history & don’t jump to conclusions

  • Louisa Baton

    I missed that? How? LOL

  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    Jesus f***ing christ on a crutch. It’s funny. Get over yourselves.

  • Jay

    This Hogan commercial was fruity and funny at the same time

  • Fast Eddie

    Whatcha gonna do brother, when Thongamania runs wild on you!!!!!!!