John Morrison Comments on Relationship with WWE & Returning to the Company


Former WWE Superstar John Morrison spoke to Ring Rust Radio on his relationship with WWE and if he’d want to return to the company.

“My impression is that the door is open,” Morrison said. “I originally got into wrestling because it was my first love, since I was a little kid it was what I wanted to do. And I still haven’t found anything quite as cool as wrestling… It’s something I’m going to get back to. The other question was is a return immanent, and I don’t know.

“I’m shuffling through a bunch of things and I have a bunch of things that I want to accomplish in the movie biz before I go back to wrestling full time. Once you’re on that full-time schedule, you don’t really have control of your own time. But I am definitely coming back at some point.”

Morrison also said he’d like to work with Damien Sandow, Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro and Fandango.

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    • are you suppose to be making fun of them or yourself lol cause thats weak bro what did that take you 5 secs to think of lol

      • About the same amount of time it takes you to get all butt hurt if I badmouth one of your favorite wrestlers. LOL. Unlike you, I don’t get all butt hurt about it.

  1. I don’t see him getting into Hollywood without the exposure WWE gives him. Even Rock’s appeal tumbled with moviegoers once he stopped wrestling full time. [ That plus he made lousy movie choices. ]

    • dude morrison is best off not even mentioning wwe it doesnt open s*** expect b c rated movies look at austin. the rock was a fluke but even he after awhile stopped being in contact with wwe in anyway cause it wasnt good for his acting career there is even an interview about it where he says that.

      BESIDES EVEN IF MORRISON SUCKED AT ACTING HES GOOD LOOKING Any everyone knows thats all you need to be famous these days lol


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