Jon Moxley Calls G1 Climax the “Most Difficult Thing He’s Ever Done”, Confirms Plans to Compete at Wrestle Kingdom 14


IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley recently sat down with New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s official English website – – to discuss his participation in one of the most grueling tournaments in professional wrestling history, the 2019 G1 Climax.

“G1 Climax 29 was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. The intensity never let up. There’s no peaks and valleys in the G1, no ‘go hard tonight, relax tomorrow’. It’s just full throttle constantly for four or five weeks.”

“A lot of times when you have a blow away performance, and win, you’re on top of the world. You kinda want to have a cigarette and then go and raid the fridge, just relax, y’know? But there’s five, six, seven matches left with the top talent in the world that are trying to hurt you and take you out. I know that everybody brought a certain level of intensity, where they wanted to be the guy that took me off the map and out of NJPW. Guys wanted to make their names off of me. I had a target on my back through the whole tournament, and I proudly brought the fight to them before they brought the fight to me.”

Moxley also confirmed that he “100%” plans to be at the Tokyo Dome for Wrestle Kingdom 14, so it looks like the All Elite Wrestling star – at least at this point – wants to stay in New Japan for at least a little while longer.

“100% I plan to be at the Tokyo Dome. I don’t know who I’ll be facing, whether I’m still US Champion. But I’ve been in Wrestlemania, in the G1, and this is the next step. Anyone who’s anyone in Japan has competed in the Tokyo Dome, so I absolutely plan on being there.”

Check out the complete interview with Jon Moxley at, including a far more in-depth rundown of his time participating in the G1 Climax, his thoughts on his upcoming rematch with Juice Robinson, his relationship with Young Lion Shota Umino, and more.