Josh Mathews Shoots Down Rumors Of GFW’s Demise


On Monday, Newsday did an interview with Global Force Wrestling’s Josh Mathews, who seemed to downplay the rumors of GFW’s demise.

Last week, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reported that GFW is hemorrhaging funds, and that Anthem, the parent company of GFW, wants to sell the company, and during his interview with Newsday, Mathews responded to the SI report.

“I’m kind of disappointed in what I’ve seen out there this week because we’ve been working so hard on these over-the-top platforms that we’re looking to be a part of,” said Mathews. “This company has been getting beat up for 15 years — maybe at times rightfully so. But I think now to have fake news out there about what we’re doing is sad.

“Never once has anybody said anything about, ‘Well, we might not be around to do these huge things. I’ve gotten three or four phone calls from vendors and people that I work with saying, ‘Oh, man. I really hope you guys pull through. And it’s like, ‘No, no, no. We’re good.’ There’s nothing to pull through right now.”

Mathews also said that the GFW sale rumor “doesn’t make any sense.”

You can check out the entire interview right here.