Josh Matthews Talks AEW: “It’s Exciting For Everybody”


IMPACT Wrestling’s Josh Matthews recently spoke to about IMPACT’s move to Pursuit HD, as well as the launch of All Elite Wrestling. During the conversation, Matthews said that IMPACT and its parent-company Anthem are in a place where they can “build together.”

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“When you look at the state of different properties on television, to have a network or channel that the parent company owns a part of is mutually beneficial to everybody to be together,” said Mathews. “We’re on the same wavelength and can grow together and build together.”

Matthews also talked about the recently announced All Elite Wrestling, seeming very positive on the property, and what it could mean for the future of wrestling.

“It’s exciting for everybody,” Mathews said of AEW forming. “In the business it’s been just WWE for a while and then Impact comes along and that’s just more places for the boys to work… If we ever get to a place where everyone’s working together, that would be even better. But right now everyone is building their thing and seeing what their thing is.”

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