JR Blog: Goldust’s Performance, Statement on WMXXX, Announcing Return & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights.

Finish to WWE Battleground: Controversy abounds following the WWE PPV Battle Ground Sunday night in Buffalo. Many fans hitting me on Twitter @JRsBBQ with ample venom regarding the finish of the show. Obviously, it was a way to continue a storyline between Bryan and Orton. Pro wrestling creative is more subjective today that ever in my lifetime. Like most theatrical productions that I watch, I enjoyed some aspects of the PPV and wasn’t as enthralled with some of the other content.

Payoff for Cody Rhodes: The payoff on the personal issue involving the Rhodes clan and the Shield, representing the establishment, was spot on in my view. The spotlight was on Cody Rhodes as it should have been. Now, let’s see where it goes from here and if Cody evolves into the main event level superstar that many feel he is capable of doing.

Goldust’s performance: There is no doubt that Goldust can still contribute in today’s WWE at least for the short term IE through WM30.

Antonio Cesaro’s giant swing: Cesaro’s Giant Swing, among other nuances, had the crowd in Buffalo cheering for the villains vs. the comedy duo of Khali and Santino. Tough match to call for the announcers which one website took as me criticizing the match. I wasn’t for the record but was simply stating fact.

Returning to pro wrestling announcing: Was asked on Twitter @JRsBBQ, actually several times a day, it seems, if I was ever going back to pro wrestling commentary. At this time, the answer is a definitive “No, thanks.” I’ve learned to never say never but I have zero plans to re-enter that world. Very proud of my career and have nothing left to prove within it.

Confusion on Undertaker’s WrestleMania XXX opponent: Here’s another Twitter beaut…someone asked me who I thought would wrestle Undertaker at WM30? I said that I had NO IDEA. That’s, NO IDEA. I added that I’d likely put Ryback and Cena on a short list that could include several names. Now, I’ve got some who feel I’m endorsing Ryback as Taker’s WM30 opponent and they think that I’m insane.

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  1. Goldust is 44 but he is in the best shape of his life and can move ammazing, I don’t know how his back is but he seems to be pretty awesome

    • I think he definitely has enough juice left in him to go for a bit longer. I didn’t catch the PPV but after seeing him against Orton on Raw he clearly still has it. I really hope him and Cody have the match at WM they want, Goldy did say he would love his last match ever to be against his brother especially at a WM.

  2. Here a thought Goldust vs Undertaker but not for the strick out of respect for there generation two of the most compelling figures of the last decade. Oh for those that complain about my spelling who the hell cares.Been throw school didn’t bother learn it then and know the school system it not even teaching spelling with all this tech know

  3. The ONLY person from the attitude era who hasn’t faced undertaker @ wrestlemania is the rock, you can try and look it up on youtube and it will NOT be there, so what i’m sayin is a fact, and quite honestly i don’t want the rock back cause he’s sumtimmid, brock lesnar is maybe another one but i’m not quite sure on that one


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