JR Says Life Post-WWE Is Good, Cole Congratulates Renee Young, JBL


– This past Wednesday in Philadelphia, JBL spoke on conflict resolution at the 2013 Beyond Sport Summit, an event that assembles innovators in sports, business, philanthropy, development and government to create social change using sport. JBL was there representing his Beyond Rugby Bermuda organization, which uses rugby as a tool to empower young men in Bermuda.

– Jim Ross tweeted about life after WWE:

“I was on the phone most of the day. My wife Jan said, “I thought you retired.” My response, “Get ready for our next adventure!” Life’s good.”

– As noted, Renee Young made her commentary debut at Thursday night’s NXT tapings. Michael Cole congratulated her on making history:

“Congrats to @ReneeYoungWWE for MAKING HISTORY last night at NXT! She joined the announce team and kicked butt! Just ask @RealKingRegal”

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  1. Hey Micheal Cole: Be afraid-Be VERY VERY AFRAID! Having watched Renee Young-Paquette-as she’s know in Canada-she’ d a better ” Voice of the WWE” then u ever are u Vince ass- kissing tool! It’s a disgrace that ur still announcing & JR was treated like crap again!

      • Fair point but if uv ever seen Renee’s work before she’s a capable host takes charge and doesn’t let anyone walk over her. I think it says something that they would give her a chance instead of one of the other divas; I I guess they’re too busy or too “talented” for the job

  2. Next year’s WrestleMania Main Event has already been downgraded without JR there to call it, I never understood why he was treated abd bullied so bad by Vince McMahon, he was fired several times and brought back when no one else could carry a broadcast like he could. Never made no sense, my guess is cause he wasn’t a Vince made guy like Cole is, JR worked for WCW prior to coming to wwe and also worked mid-south and UWF. Also I would much rather listen to Renee Young than Michael Cole any day of the week, its time for a new Raw broadcast team while we’re at it, that means minus Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler “this version of Jerry Lawler” anyways.


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