JR Talks WWE Divas Tag Team Titles, Kelly Kelly Reaches Milestone


– Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on jrsbarbq.com and was asked about WWE possibly introducing Divas Tag Team Titles. He replied:

“At the moment, I’m not overjoyed by the potential of a Divas Tag Championship but I’m willing to see how it evolves over time if it happens.”

– Kelly Kelly’s fan site sent word that her Facebook page now has 1 million fans, making her the first current or former WWE Diva to reach that mark.

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  1. For all the divas they have and the uselessness of them they SHOULD bring back the women’s tag. At least there would be A REASON for them to be wrestling…and some girls might click and work well together. The divas title is a joke cuz only aj deserves to hold it and that’s just cuz she’s cute and has a great character not cuz she’s a particularly strong wrestler…the rest are Total Bimbos – that’s what they should call the reality show too btw…

    • You have your head up your ass. Natalya is the only female that can wrestle on today’s current roster. AJ isn’t too bad, but she can’t compare to Nattie. The whole division needs to either be wiped out completely, or made over with some real talent, and not a fleet of bimbos.

  2. The Diva’s division is a joke.. if Vince would ever be serious about women wrestlers he would make an entire female wrestling company and make it wrasslin not sports entertainment. I hate that its a side show act now, like midget wrestling used to be on cards. There a ton of marvelous workers out there that are untapped and a whole market he’s missing.

    • Couldn’t agree more. There’s a fleet of catty women that make up the Diva’s division, quite honestly. None of them except Natalya really know how to wrestle. The Bellas are absurd… neither one of them are really even genuine, and they want a tag team championship in their division? Gimme a break…


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