Judge Dismisses Mark Hunt’s Lawsuit Against Brock Lesnar Stemming From Controversial UFC 200 Fight


The legal battle between MMA heavyweight Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar, stemming from their controversial 2016 fight at UFC 200, has finally been put to rest.

Hunt’s lawsuit contained multiple allegations against Lesnar, the UFC and UFC President Dana White, including claims that UFC knew Lesnar was using banned substances ahead of their bout, and intentionally pushed back the announcement of his return so that he would not have to undergo what is usually a mandatory period of pre-fight drug testing.

The claims were formally dismissed on Thursday, Feb. 14th following a ruling by Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey of the United States District Court of Nevada, who ultimately felt Hunt’s claims that he would have won the fight had it not been for the banned substances were “highly speculative”, and did not adequately prove he was owed damages from the loss.

The lawsuit was dismissed “with prejudice”, which means that Hunt cannot refile his lawsuit using the same claims, meaning there is very little, if anything, he can do about the outcome of their fight at this point.

The one piece of the case not altogether dismissed was Hunt’s allegation that UFC breached an “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing”, which was filed against the company itself, and not Lesnar. Judge Dorsey ruled that the two parties engage in a mandatory settlement conference.