Juice Robinson Calls Cody Rhodes “Gutless, Heartless & Nutless” After Pulling Out Of Recent Title Match


We are just a few short weeks away from the most anticipated show of the entire year, Wrestle Kingdom 13, where the “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes will be defending his IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Championship against Juice Robinson in a Tokyo Dome rematch two years in the making.

This past weekend, Robinson caught up with members of the Japanese press following the NJPW World Tag League finals, taking a sharp jab at the “heart” of the champion ahead of their title bout.

“There’s no doubt that you got the chance to be a pro wrestler because of your last name. There’s also no doubt that you’ve become what you’ve become because you’re a great pro wrestler. You’re one of the best I’ve ever been in the ring with. I will never question your talent, but I will question your heart.”

Robinson was a part of the November “Global Wars” tour co-promoted by Ring of Honor and New Japan — the same tour Cody was scheduled to defend his title against Trent Barreta, before being pulled from active competition due to a knee injury.

“I was in Toronto for Global Wars. You’re the IWGP United States Champion — that’s a New Japan belt. This company means heart. This company means when you’re hurt, and you don’t think you can, you find it within yourself and you go through the curtain when your music hits, and you defend your title. That’s what pro wrestlers do. That’s what Tanahashi does — that’s what all the greats do.”

“You were in Toronto, and you had an IWGP Championship match against Barreta, and you didn’t do it because your knee was hurt. I get it if you can’t walk, but I saw you walk across the Maple Leaf Gardens with your beautiful wife, and your stupid, expensive suit, with your dumb, bleach-blonde haircut, and your two jabroni security guards. You walked to the meet-and-great. Yeah, you had a limp, but you should have defended that title.”

The 29-year-old Chicagoan finished his verbal tirade by once again questioning the “heart”, the “guts”, and the “nuts” of his Wrestle Kingdom 13 opponent.

“I’m not taking that title from you because you’re not a good wrestler — you’re a damn good wrestler. I’m taking that title from you, because you are gutless, heartless and nutless. That title belongs on this shoulder, because if I can walk, and I can stand in these sexy little boots, and put these pants on, and tie my stupid hair in a knot, I will walk through that curtain and defend that f–king title every single day.”