Juice Robinson Vows Revenge On Jox Moxley, Says He Want To Be A “Top Guy”


Juice Robinson recently talked to Sports Illustrated about the upcoming G1 Climax tournament. During the interview, Robinson discussed his match with Jon Moxley, as well as his identity in NJPW.

“I have to find out who I am,” said Robinson. “Do I want to be the guy in a costume, making the little kids smile and the babes have a good time? Or I am the guy whooping ass?

“Right now, it’s nut-cutting time. I need to drop some of the flamboyance. If I want to be a top guy, which I do, then it’s time for me to start acting like it.”

Robinson also talked about wanting “revenge” after losing the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship to Jon Moxley on June 5th. The two will face each other on Aug. 11th.

“I want revenge on Jon Moxley, and I’ll get it. He has so much charisma and an incredible persona in the ring, and that makes me level up. I want to wrestle Mox every f—ing day.”

Juice also spoked about his place in NJPW, where he’s still “trying to fit in.”

“People are always going to come here because this is the best wrestling company in the world. No one can argue that. So I have to try to hold my ground. Big stars come in—Cody comes in, Jericho comes in, Moxley comes in. Now I’m not on their level, but I’m working to get there. I am trying to compete with some big stars, and I am doing everything I can to compete with them. Ospreay, Ibushi, Kenta, there are so many talented people here. I’m just a regular guy trying to fit in.”

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