Jungle Boy Speaks on his Career Apart from Father Luke Perry, AEW, More


AEW star Jungle Boy recently appeared on the Chris Van Vliet Show, where he spoke on a variety of pro wrestling topics. One of those topics was his desire to have a career apart from his late father, Luke Perry.

“I’ve always just been trying to do my own thing  and I never wanted to be given things that I shouldn’t be getting because of that. And so Jungle Boy is pretty much the furthest away from Luke Perry that I can think of. I’ve had a lot of people over the years tell me, ‘you need to use your real name, be yourself.’ It’s just not what I ever wanted to do.”

Jungle Boy also spoke about his recent appearance at Double or Nothing, AEW’s highly successful event on May 25 in Las Vegas. JB was surprised at the reaction he received from the crowd, which reminded him of growing up with his famous father.

“That was crazy. That whole city was kind of taken over. But people were coming up to me, like pulling me away from my family and like taking pictures of me and stuff. And that was kind of wild because I had kind of seen that my whole life, with my dad. We’d be out and people would be like ‘hey, can I get a pic?’ And so it was kind of wild for it to be me for the first time.”

Jungle Boy talked about his father’s admiration for Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair.He said that Luke would actually walk around the house “doing those promos.” JB then talked about how he’s benefited from working for AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes.

“He’s a good friend, as well as kind of like an inspiration and like a mentor and I guess, he’s my boss. He’s just such a cool guy and a good guy. It just doesn’t feel like that. He’s been a good friend and a supportive guy. I’m glad to have him and honestly, the whole All Elite team. I’ve never been signed to wrestle anywhere else but I don’t imagine it’s kind of this close-knit of a group. They’re all really just genuine, supportive people.”

Junge Boy is part of an AEW roster that includes some of the industry’s biggest names, including Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley. Jungle Boy brings a younger fan following with him and his new role in Cody’s company may indeed propel him to great heights in the business.