Justin Roberts Talks Life After WWE, Joining AEW, Touring With Tool


Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet on a variety of topics. One of those topics was his life after leaving Vince McMahon’s company four years ago.

So what has Roberts been up to since his WWE departure?

“I’ve done some TV shows, some movies, I’ve announced for World Arm Wrestling League, I’ve announced for Lion Fight Muay Thai, just anything that’s popped up; a lot of voiceover work, trying everything.”

Roberts also revealed that he’s been touring with rock band Tool. Justin said that his relationship with the band grew from guitarist Adam Jones’ love of pro wrestling. Roberts began hosting VIP events for the band, which actually led to him going on the road.

“He (Jones) said ‘hey, we have this event coming to Arizona, I think you’d be the perfect host for it, you want to give it a shot?’ So I did it, it was a lot of fun and that night he came up to me and he goes ‘that was awesome, you have to come on tour with us.’ I was like okay, twist my arm!”

But the real buzz right now is on All Elite Wrestling and Roberts is joining the new company as the ring announcer. Justin talked about how this new position, which will include May 25’s Double or Nothing, came to be. As many fans suspected, it had everything to do with 2018’s ALL IN.

“I did ALL IN in September and that was awesome. That was an amazing show. I had a great time and then I got a call and said ‘hey are you available to do some other stuff if anything pops up?’ And I said yep and so then I got a text and it was Brandi (Rhodes) and she asked me about doing it. And I said yeah, absolutely, I would love to.”

Roberts’ connection to Brandi goes back to their days in WWE, where Justin was asked to coach her up on ring announcing. Roberts said she caught on quick and he knew she had a future in the business.

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Roberts is regarded by many WWE fans as one of the best ring announcers in recent company history. Ironically enough, Justin was instructed by WWE to tone down his announcing but when he joined AEW, Roberts was encouraged to turn the volume up. Double or Nothing will air live from Las Vegas on ITV and pay-per-view.