Justin Sysum Pens Open Letter To British Wrestling; Several NXT UK Talents React


World Of Sports Superstar, Justin Sysum decided to pen an open letter to British Wrestling last night, giving his feelings on the new NXT UK contracts.

The experienced British wrestler posted a controversial and detailed letter on Twitter which hasn’t gone down well with other wrestlers, to say the least. In the letter, Sysum claimed that if WWE decides to pack up the NXT UK brand then it will leave a decimated British wrestling scene.

Sysum added that he understands why his friends have taken deals with WWE and is proud of them but for him, his dreams are different. He claimed that he wants to build the UK scene and that he will not pander to anything that restricts it, stating he does not want a job with the company.

Finally, Sysum claimed he would sooner die than become part of a ‘corporate strategy’ adding that he is the fans “superhuman.”

The lengthy post received immediate backlash from three of NXT UK’s biggest stars; Tyler Bate, Trent Seven and UK Champion, Pete Dunne, all of which were defending their positions.

Bate claimed that NXT UK is a great opportunity and that the open letter is based off nothing but rumors, whilst Dunne added that every step they have taken has been to benefit the independent scene. Finally, Seven told Justin to hang his head in shame, claiming they have worked hard to create a thriving scene and told him to delete the tweet and stop attention seeking.

After many wrestlers, not just NXT UK talent came out against the post or mocked him with joke versions themselves Justin posted another update thanking everyone for their responses, both positive and negative. Sysum claimed he is not sorry for what he said, but he is sorry if he upset anybody.