Kairi Sane Promises To Beat Shayna Baszler, Matt Hardy On Urban Dictionary, Pete Dunne Gets New WWE Shirt


NXT Women’s Champion, Kairi Sane has been promoting her WWE Evolution match with Shayna Baszler on Twitter this week, promising to beat her.

Sane claims that Shayna knows that she will beat her again and added that this time, her Diving Elbow will send Baszler to the bottom of the ocean. The two will face each other at WWE Evolution later this month for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Matt Hardy On Urban Dictionary

WWE Superstar, Matt Hardy has made it onto the famous Urban Dictionary site, with the popular website adding the word “Delete,” with the definition being based on Hardy’s character.

Pete Dunne Gets New WWE Shirt

WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne has had a brand new WWE shirt released this week which features his nickname, as you can see below: