Kane Plays WWE Theme Song During Victory Speech, Now You Can Smell Like Bullet Club, Natalya Blogs On Billy Corgan


NJPW star Kenny Omega has Tweeted the following, noting Bullet Club has actually released its own line of cologne:

Kane Plays WWE Theme Song During Victory Speech

Below is more footage of WWE star Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, giving his victory speech after winning the Knox County Mayoral race, and he even entered to his WWE theme song:

Natalya Blogs On Billy Corgan

WWE star Natalya has penned a new blog for the Calgary Sun, and below is an excerpt featuring Natalya discussing her recent trip to a Smashing Pumpkins concert and her friendship with Billy Corgan:

When I found out the Smashing Pumpkins were coming to Florida, I was excited to see them. Not just because they’ve produced some of the biggest soundtracks of my teenage years, but also because my family and I have a special connection with their lead singer, Billy Corgan. I met Billy in 2006 when my uncle Bret Hart was being inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in Chicago. Billy, a Chicago native and huge supporter of the industry, attended the event. We hit it off and have been friends ever since.

Once I met Billy in person, I was even more curious to listen to all his music. Anyone who knows of the Smashing Pumpkins is familiar with their songs: 1979, Today, Disarm, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Tonight Tonight, Zero and more. Once I started looking up and listening to more of Billy’s music, I learned that he’s produced hundreds of beautiful songs, with many of them being hidden gems. The first time I heard his song “Mayonnaise” and “For Martha,” they became my favourite songs to run to on the trails along the Bow River in Calgary. The Pumpkins’ music became soothing and therapeutic to me.

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