Kane Reacts To The Mask Returning + D-Bryan Beardless


— It was announced to the live crowd at RAW Monday night that WWE will be returning to the BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday, October 4th for a WWE SmackDown TV taping. The pre-sale password for the event is SMACKDOWN.

— Kane tweeted the following regarding the return of the mask:

— Here is an “”extra” clip from this week’s WWE “WrestleMania Rewind” episode:



    • Ryan Ross gets it.

      The corporate suit is the masked kane. It’s time for the legend to return. The single most dominating force in WWE history. Dude has been tag team champion with like 20 people from Big show, to RVD, Undertaker, X-Pac, Daniel Bryan, Mankind, and even The Hurricane. Mulitple time world and wwe champion.

      Now this Kane can put on a main event match with Daniel Bryan.

  1. WWE destroyed this character beyond repair. I don’t see a monster, I see a guy who will be dominated by Bryan. The only thing Kane will get over on Bryan is a choke slam but in return he will have to get pinned or submitted by Bryan another 5 times, but this time he will have a mask on. Back when he was the real big red machine, he still put over other talent but came out still looking good. Now he puts other people over and looks like a joke with a mask.


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