Kane Talks New Wrestling School: “This Is The First Step”


Current Mayor of Knox County, TN, Kane was on The Steve Austin Show recently. During the interview, The Devil’s Favorite Demon discussed the Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy that he founded with former-wrestler Dr. Tom Prichard. Kane compared the school to WWE’s Performance Center, saying it was a “first step” to the WWE PC.

Transcription via Ross Kelly at WrestlingINC.com

“It’ll probably be some of the same stuff to some extent,” stated Kane. “A lot of it is if you are looking at a lot of these different schools you have to consider how these folks can help me. It’s not only about what you are going to learn, but how can they help you advance and I think of course Tom Prichard and I can do that as well.

“Eventually, if anybody wants to be in WWE at some point, then getting into the Performance Center is the path to WWE. So, in many ways this is the first step if you even want to get into WWE to do that. Then, you have people who just want to get into the wrestling business, which is great too. One of the nice things about what is going on in the independent scene is that it has really revitalized independent wrestling, which is another path to go to. But either way we are hoping to get folks who are starting out to give them the basics, which is in-ring performance, promos, that sort of stuff. Really, nowadays promoting yourself is just as important as anything and making a name for yourself on social media, and from there if you have people who are a little more advanced you can polish them up and help them take that next step.”

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